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Goldcast Studio
• Product design
• Systems and branding
Goldcast is a B2B virtual events platform whose primary audience is event marketers. This work merged traditional UX research with visual and brand design to make Goldcast’s highest touch product, the Studio, faster and more intuitive.

Projects included:
• A complete redesign of the event creation experience (a sample discussed here)
• Implementation of event templates, series, and repeating events
• Streamlining the event entrance experience
• Event creation for marketing field events and an in-person checkin app
• A modernized visual design that subtly introduced Goldcast Branding alongside standards maintained within a styleguide

More work available upon request.

Event creation: untangling the wires

One of Goldcast’s most loved capabilities is its highly detailed, highly customizable event creation experience. Marketers can use the platform to create simple repeating webinars or multi-day, multi-event conferences with sponsor booths and unique branding. This most beloved part of the app also presented its greatest challenge. How do you design an experience that addresses the needs of all levels of users?
diagram of modeling for Goldcast Studio
An example of some diagraming of a Goldcast event. By visualizing the components of an event, we were able to update the mental model of event creation and the event as a whole while avoiding pitfalls from the previous experience.  

Event creation: sensible defaults

After mapping the most crucial elements for event creation, we discovered that the level of complexity formerly offered was too detailed for a user that wanted to move quickly through event creation. Rather than offer every option up front, we worked on the development of sensible defaults that could help someone more confidently make choices.

We also implemented a "two ways in" strategy. Users previously needed to know the exact point in the creation flow to add information. In the new event creation model, a user could pick up and put down work at any point during creation.
Above: An example flow that was user tested during the development of our field event creation experience

Event creation: towards a cleaner future

This project produced increasingly simplified event creation, and introduced an event dashboard. A new workspace that allowed users to pick up and put down their work as it became increasingly complex and solidified as the event approached.
A screenshot of event creation.
Above: The previous event creation experience and our newly designed interface.

Below: An event dashboard and its "Edit Event Drawer," an example of our two-ways-in philosophy.