The hero for the EWSC landing page.
The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center
• Website design
• Systems and branding
The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center (EWSC) is an interdisciplinary research center based at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. I worked with the communications team to develop a website that highlighted the Center as a standalone organization and presented the collaborative nature of the work for the fellows.

Science lite: Accessible, Precise, Bright

We started by developing a visual language that reflected the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center's mission of merging complicated concepts for a variety of audiences. By working through several moodboards, we shifted from an initial feeling that was overly technological and unapproachable to our guiding principle of "Science Lite." The design would need to feel accessible while also demonstrating the scientific rigor of the Center's research.
a moodboard for the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center.
Below: Some interface elements. Includes a sample of the typeface used as an accent throughout the site. Its hybrid nature as a monospace font (usually used for coding) with inktraps (a traditional feature of printed typefaces) made it a natural fit for the dual nature of research at the Center.
Some interface elements designed for the EWSC website.